Aim & Scope

Attention: This journal is the first of its kind and is edited by an international network of leading scholars, experts and prominent businessmen

Interest: What's in it for me? This is an innovatively designed journal that will be published on a six month basis, which would be the first to explore new issues in management and social science over Asia. This regionalism-oriented, highly anticipated journal will provide a platform for Asian researchers to showcase their research.

Desire: Finally get published. Submit your work today for faster consideration. You can have your work assessed before you even submit!

 AJMSS is covered the following fields:  

  •        Accounting
  •        Anthropology
  •        Banking
  •        Business
  •        Communication
  •        Corporate Management
  •        Cross-Cultural Studies
  •        Development Studies
  •        Education
  •        Entrepreneurship
  •        Ethics
  •        Finance
  •        History
  •        Human Resources
  •        Innovation
  •        International Relations
  •        Law
  •       Logistics
  •        Marketing
  •        Organizational Behavior
  •        Organizational Theory
  •        Political Science
  •        Population Studies
  •        Psychology
  •        Public Administration
  •        Women Studies