Vol. 1 No. 3 (2024): Asia Journal of Management and Social Science (AJMSS)

Asia Journal of Management and Social Science (AJMSS) is a peer-reviewed journal that specializes in the research of Management and social sciences. It is multidisciplinary in nature. The objective of the American Journal of Medical Sciences (AJMSS) is to offer a platform for scholars, professionals, practitioners, academicians, and researchers to exchange and disseminate knowledge in the form of high-quality empirical and theoretical-based research papers, case studies, literature reviews, and book reviews. The Journal offers a platform for the publication of original papers on a diverse range of topics that are indicative of the socio-economic, political, and sustainable development objectives. The Journal is interested in the following subjects, but they are not exhaustive: Economics, Finance, Banking, Management Sciences, and Commerce. Contributions that are grounded in empirical research are prioritized. Nevertheless, theoretical articles and book evaluations of significant importance and relativity, as well as those of social scientists, are also published. The Journal offers a global platform for the rapid dissemination and discussion of research findings in the Social Sciences, Finance, and Economics, from the primary level to the provincial, national, and international levels.


Published: 2024-03-30